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Mallory's Bio
Mallory's Bio

Mallory began her education at The Animal Behavior Center of New York, where she was an intern for 6 months and ultimately learned how NOT to train dogs. ABCNY was steeped in the methods of old-fashioned compulsion dog training, so the experience gave Mallory insight into this unfortunate style of training.
Then she met Deb Manheim of Happy Tails Family Dog Training in Brooklyn. Deb introduced Mallory to the Association of Pet Dog Trainers, and Mallory was off and running with her first APDT seminar where she began to learn about the exciting world of modern, positive training.  Deb is now training in Las Vegas . . . see her web site here!
Mallory worked as an assistant trainer in classes with as many as twelve students at Happy Tails Family Dog Training in Brooklyn, and then at St. Hubert’s Dog Training School in Madison, NJ. This allowed her to observe a wide range of puppies and dogs in a classroom setting and to see what worked well for dogs of various temperaments.
She also successfully completed the Good Dog Foundation’s Therapy Dog Training Program, and she and her dog Fender were a volunteer therapy team at Methodist Hospital in Brooklyn, NY for two years, where Fender brightened Monday mornings for many patients and was a staff favorite.
Over the years, Mallory has attended seminars with the following modern and influential trainers, behaviorists and veterinarians:  Jean Donaldson, head of the behavior department at the San Francisco SPCA and author of, “The Culture Clash”, and, “Mine”:  a 3-day Aggression seminar with Patricia McConnell, Ph.D and Certified Animal Behaviorist and author of, “Feisty Fido”, “The Other End of the Leash,” and a series of instructional booklets:  Leslie Nelson, owner of, “Tails-U-Win” training center:  5 seminars with Sue Sternberg, shelter expert, founder/director of Rondout Valley Animals for Adoption and creator of a temperament test for shelter dogs:  Suzanne Hetts, Ph.D, author of “Pet Behavior Protocols”:  Dr. Jean Dodds, veterinarian and world-renowned vaccine research scientist:  Kathy Sdao, associate Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist and veteran trainer:  Brenda Aloff, aggression expert and author of, “Canine Body Language”, and “Aggression in Dogs”:  Trish King, CPDT and Director of Animal Behavior and Training Department at the Marin County Humane Society:  Dr. Nicholas Dodman, head of the Animal Behavior Dept. at Tufts University School of Veterinary Medicine, Alice Moon-Fanelli, Ph.D, CAAB, Clinical Assistant Professor at Tufts:  Emma Parsons, aggression specialist and author of, “Click to Calm”: Clicker Expo and Wag It Games seminars.
Mallory has been giving private lessons and in-home consultations to hundreds of satisfied dog owners since 1999. She has been back in Maine since 2004 and has been conducting fun pet dog training classes through the Gorham Rec department, and at Telling Tails in Center Conway, NH, where she is also the scheduling director.
Mallory presently has one dog, Penny, a rescue Border Collie (and perhaps Corgi). Penny works as the demo dog for some of Mallory's beginner orientation classes to earn her keep, in addition to fulfilling Mallory's daily fun quotient.  :)
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